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Live the change by joining a sustainable, compassionate community in Vancouver.

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Celebrate a healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle
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Food · Arts · Culture

Share the benefits of a plant-based daily routine with like-minded others around you.

Vancouver Vegetarian Society

We stand together for health, for the environment, for animals, for our children and for the good of humanity.


Along the beautiful, mountainous coast lies Vancouver, a city so green it became a haven for hippies and the birthplace for Greenpeace. Vegetarianism has been an integral part of Vancouver’s identity, from the establishment of the Naam on “Rainbow Road” in 1968, to the proliferation of delicious options that fill the city today. With people that are passionate about healthy and compassionate living, we knew we were in the perfect place to bring people together.


When people make the tough but selfless choice to leave animals off their plate, it too often means separation from mainstream society. Many worry that the ethical lifestyle change will mean compromising on fun, social events. We hope to do something about this.


By bringing together like-minded vegetarians in the city, we will fill a void in the community and create a platform for change. We refuse to compromise on enjoying ourselves, especially in a city full of individuals ready to adapt to a changing world. Vancouver is the ideal city – in this futuristic metropolis of mirrors, for people to embrace a more conscious way of life.


Choose plants to fuel you, choose compassion

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Be part of a community of compassionate, sustainable vegetarians

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