March 12, 2018

The annual Vancouver cornucopia of vegetarian food, education, and product innovation began humbly in 2014. Since Vegexpo’s inception, it has been a major attractor for local businesses with a vegan or vegetarian angle, and has drawn a number of celebrities and activists that advocate a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Part trade show, part festival of all things plant-based, Vegexpo is the preeminent destination for sustainable, ethical, and compassionate consumption. Past years have featured exhibitors as diverse as Tesla, PETA, Sea Shepherd, and Ben & Jerry’s. The event has expanded greatly over its four year lifespan, and is sure to draw an even greater crowd this year – if the surging popularity of local vegetarian businesses is any indicator.

This event serves as a wonderful opportunity for like-minded, animal loving individuals to connect. Many Vancouver businesses and international retailers have cited vegexpo as an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their products and services to eager audiences. Vegexpo is a unique reprieve for vegetarians where the products offered perfectly match the demand, and the community’s gratitude is clearly showcased by the excitement leading up to the May 27th event.

2018 stands out as the year when plant-based diets are entering the mainstream, with no shortage of thanks to dedicated activists like Kip Andersen and his challenging documentaries; Cowspiracy and What the Health. Andersen will be presenting at Vegexpo as this year’s keynote speaker, and is sure to inspire just as much in person as he does on screen, motivating people to make the best choice for their health, the environment, and the animals. Anderson will be joined by Courtney Dobbin of Mercy for Animals, Rajesh Narine of local gem Cartems, Emily Lavender of PETA, and many more fascinating leaders of the plant-based movement. The presenters will round out the event to fully cater to all aspects of a vegetarian lifestyle. With the range of attractions, Vegexpo even has the potential to sway those on the fence about going meatless, demonstrating that it is possible to be healthy, happy, and satiated on an animal-free diet.